Become a CityWrite Volunteer!

Want to volunteer for the 2013 CityWrite?  CityWrite will run an entire week this year, from October 14-20, and expand to 50 sites throughout Indianapolis.  To accomplish this, we’ll need lots of people to help out in facilitating CityWrite sessions.  What does facilitating a CityWrite site entail? You’ll help guide people through writing down their stories, memories, and opinions by leading attendees through a few suggested writing prompts and exercises.  It’s okay if you’ve no prior experience teaching or tutoring– CityWrite sessions aren’t supposed to be like an English class.  They are supposed to be about starting conversations, sharing stories, and reinforcing the belief that everyone has a story to tell and telling it will benefit everyone.  To do this, we need people from all walks of life to not only participate in writing their stories down, but to also encourage others in showing them how to approach memoir writing.

And don’t worry– we’ll train you!  Also, most sessions will be staffed by two facilitators, so you’ll never be alone.  CityWrite sessions typically last 1-2hrs and require attending a 90 minute training session.

In addition to the public literacy training you’ll receive, you’ll also walk away from your experience with a lot of stories to tell.  Volunteers will also receive a copy of the upcoming CityWrite printed anthology and an invitation to a volunteer after-party.

Interested in volunteering?

Please let us know by filling out the Volunteer Form.