Submit to CityWrite!

Can’t make it to one of our CityWrite locations?  You can still contribute your voice by submitting your short memoir writing to us using the form below.  Simply choose one (or more — tackle as many as you’d like!) of the prompts below, write your response, and send it along.  (We recommend drafting your response in Word or another document editor and pasting your response in the text field below.)


  • What do people need to know?
  • What is a time that stands out for you at ___________?  Why?  Share a story about that time.  (When was it?  Who was there?  What was going on?  Where were you?)
  • Is there a special place, an important place, a historical place in Indianapolis that you would like to share, talk about, remember?  Why is it important?
  • Indianapolis is a city that…
  • How would you describe your neighborhood? Tell a story that relates the good, the bad, or anything in between.
  • What do you we need to change at _____________ or in Indianapolis?
  • What defines a community?  Has there been a time when you realized you depended on others? When you wished others would have depended upon you?


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