There are two ways to access the CityWrite memoirs and narratives. Individual writings are hosted through the CityWrite Scribd account. Through Scribd, users may search CityWrite writings by keyword (often related to theme or location), author, title, or CityWrite site.

Users may also download batches of writing from each CityWrite site. Writings have been converted into pdf files and are grouped in zip files. While this method of access is faster and more direct, there are no search features through batch downloads.

The CityWrite archive is protected through the Creative Commons Attribution No-Dervis licensing.

2012 CityWrite Archive: 

Search through the CityWrite Scribd account (please note that as of June 20, 2013 only a small portion of the overall writings have been added to this collection– more are appearing each day). 

Download batch CityWrite writings by site. (please note that many files may not be aptly named– cataloging is still in process.  Assume the files contained within the archive represent the most current cataloging.)


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